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You Are Welcome to exhibit in the important Printing, Paper, packing, packaging, food processing  Industry Exhibition under name (PACK AFRICA).

Pack Africa is one of the world’s most important Exhibitions of the Packaging, Printing, Paper and Food processing  industry specially in Egypt , Africa and Middle East and represents with its offers the entire value chain. The range is from the production and refinement of Printing, packaging products and materials of all classes on the Printing, packaging and distribution to quality assurance and consumer protection.

Pack Africa The Leading Exhibition for International Printing, Paper, Packaging & Food industries Technology,Packaging Materials & Logistics Systems which will be held during 16-18 November 2019“at Cairo International Convention Center – Egypt , it will be in its 4th  edition in Africa and 2nd One in Egypt (1st edition was in CFIA expo – Morocco in September 2016 and the 2nd was DJAZAGRO expo – Algeria in April 2017 – 3rd was in Egypt in December 2017).

Pack Africa showcases products like Paper, Printing, Packing and Packaging Machinery & Materials, Food Processing Machinery & Materials ,raw materials, equipment and technology.

Trademark of Pack Africa is not just the world offering unrivalled scale, but also the unique international mix of exhibitors and visitors. Invited are primarily companies that offer Printing, packaging and process technology in the fields of food and beverages, confectionery and bakery products, pharmaceuticals and cosmetics, non-food consumer goods and industrial goods or related services.

PACK AFRICA will help Egyptians, Middle Eastern & African Paper, Printing & Packing & Packaging , Food Processing  to set new directions and guidelines for their future development.

PACK AFRICA helped them to penetrate and reach new markets out of their domestic borders.

This Has Been Stated By Egyptian Market Leaders.

The global packaging market amounted to USD812 billion in 2014 registering a CAGR of 4.2% since 2010. Estimated at USD839 billion in 2015, it is set to reach USD998 billion in 2020 with AAGR of 5% and to reach USD1, 100 billion in 2024.

With a global population of 7.35 billion human beings in 2015 according to the UN, each individual consumes USD114 of packaging per year in the world. This is a mathematical average which masks many disparities!

The most developed economies are the highest users and producers of packaging.

These mature markets are undergoing major changes in the packaging chain of value, driven by demographic and environmental changes and the “new economy”.

Emerging economies are creating new opportunities, thus satisfying the expectations of their populations. Amongst the most dynamic, the packaging market of the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) is forecast to grow from USD35.4 billion in 2014 to USD45.2 billion in 2019, with a CAGR of 5%, which is higher than the global packaging market.

Our Vision & Mission:-

We seek to create opportunities for prominent international and local exhibitors to meet face to face with packaging makers and professional leaders to concerned in Printing and Packaging industry in Middle East and Africa.

Pack Africa is your gateway for vital and direct meetings to enable the international and local exhibitors to penetrate new alternative markets.

Pack Africa is helping you to strengthen your virtual existence and increase your knowledge in order to increase your revenue with the minimum cost to enlarge your Return of Investment (ROI).


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