Fair Services

Fair Services

Other Services Provided to the Exhibiting Companies

1. Reception and registration counter:
At the main gate in the showroom complex, a working team will be present during all the exhibition hours to register visitors on computers and hand them visitors cards, and to distribute exhibition gifts, sell exhibition manuals, provide instructions, and respond to visitors queries.

2. Exhibiting companies and visitors service counter:
At each of the gates of the showroom (4) there is a counter provided with all the data and information on the exhibition, registered on computer to serve and guide exhibiting and visitors and help desk for immediate problem solving.

3. VIP pavilion:
It is at the main gate lobby and it is furnished at a high quality to receive VIP S both of visitors and exhibiting companies.

4. Exhibiting companies service center
It exists in showroom and comprise:
Business Center
Meeting room
Internet Cafe
Business solutions & Consultancy
It is also provided with a catering counter to serve soft food and drinks.

5. Restaurant
A food catering company was contracted to provide meals at reasonable prices in the restaurant available at the top floor at the main gate lobby. Fast food and drinks are provided in the exhibiting companies service center, showroom (4).

6. Internet
Internet service is provided for free in all showrooms.

7. Exhibition Magazine
The press center will issue a daily exhibition magazine to be distributed for free to exhibitors and visitors, containing news and photo-supported investigations on the exhibition.

8. The exhibition management provides opening and visit invitations as per the numbers required by exhibiting companies.

9. The showroom complex has mobile and fixed guiding signs all over, by which visitors can easily head to locations they wish to visit.

10. The exhibition management provides the official exhibition photography service (photography/video) where a specialized company was contracted for the exhibition.

11. Photograph/video service during the whole period, as well as for the exhibiting companies pavilions upon request and for discounted prices.

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