According to a market analysis report by SPG Media Group, the global packaging industry trend is as follows:

Global packaging industry is worth US$ 424 billion and out of this

Europe has US$127 billion, Asia has US$114 billion, North America has US$ 118 billion, Latin America has US$ 30 billion, and other countries have US$ 30 billion.

In terms of global market percentage, Europe is 30%, North America is 28%, Latin America is 7%, Asia is 27% and other is 8% of global packaging industry.

Egyptian Packaging representing 0.6 % of the global sector at $ 2.54 bn of sales.

Middle East and MENA region

The packaging industry sector in the Middle East and North Africa (Mena) region has been forecast to grow to $52.4 billion by 2019, from the current $41 billion, according to market research by SmithersPira.

Focusing on the 28 per cent growth over the next four years,

Packaging Materials

According to the materials used in packaging industry throughout the globe, paper shares the most, 36%, metal is 17%, plastic takes 34%, glass takes 10% and other occupies 3%.

According to the type of packaged products, Beverages take 18%, food take 38%, pharmaceutical products take 5%, cosmetic products take 3% and other products take 36% of overall packaging industry. Global market value on food packaging is 161 US$ billion, beverage packaging is 76 US$ billion, Pharmaceutical packaging is 21 US$ billion, cosmetic packaging is 13.3 US$ billion and other is 153 US$ billion.

Sector Vision

The vision for Egypt’s Packaging Sector is to achieve 3rd place in regional export

performance within five years, which will require export sales over $ 250 mn based on

2014 values; and to take away the lead position from Turkey within ten years, which willexport sales of over $ 660 mn, again at 2014 values.

Twin Peaks” Market Development Potential

The combination of the stage of development of Egypt’s domestic and neighboring consumer markets and its proximity to the world’s largest developed consumer market,

The EU, results in it having “twin peaks” market development potential to export its Packaging products. Within the domestic and regional market there is still stronggrowth potential for glass and metal packaging, where this is in decline in developedconsumer markets. This provides a FDI opportunity to attract international manufacturersas they open-up new manufacturing facilities to meet the requirements of the emergingmarket. With the European market Egypt’s packaging manufacturers have theopportunity to sell increasingly sophisticated board and plastics packaging, separately, oras integrated packaging.

Flexible packaging set for solid growth in Middle East and Africa

A new report from PCI Films Consulting forecasts that flexible packaging demand in the Middle East and Africa (MEA) will expand at 5% per year over the next five years.

The UK-based consultancy expects the market to benefit from inward investment and an expansion in mass food processing.

In 2013, the MEA market flexible packaging market totals almost $4bn, said PCI.

But per capita consumption in the Middle East and Africa runs at only $3, compared with Europe’s US$30, giving “huge potential for future growth”, said the research firm.

Multinational brands are increasingly drawn by national initiatives in the region to promote economic growth and develop infrastructure, according to PCI Films Consulting.

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