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LPNs represent nearly 30% of the total industrial production of Morocco.
Moroccan production represents more than 142 billion dirhams (about € 13Mds,
14% for export in 2013. The sector included 94,763 jobs in 2002. Today there are over 143 000, representing 25% of industrial employment.
2600 operators (importers and exporters) are working for the sector in 2014 against 1910 in 2007. The sector export 22 billion dirhams in 2014 (€ 2 billion), or 11.2% of Moroccan exports and 0.3 % of world market share.
Shellfish, red fruit and fresh tomatoes are the sector’s growth.

The EU remains the main market for this industry (Source:
Three regions play a key role as they contribute to two thirds of exports in the sector: Souss-Massa-Daraa (23.4%), Laayoune-Boujdour-Sakia-Lhamra, Guelmim-Essemara, Oued ed-Dahab (23.7%), and finally Tanger-Tetouan (15.2%).
(Source: Office des Changes –

A recent contract program, via an integration model, going from upstream to downstream, to facilitate the development of the food industry in accordance with the objectives of the Green Morocco Plan. This approach is built around a great synergy between the departments of agriculture is quite beneficial for the sector.

Example, the integration of the sugar industry today not only allows
over 80 000 farmers to improve their incomes but also boost
competitiveness and position itself internationally. This model should be extended
to other sectors, including meat and milk (Source:

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