• You have expertise in ingredients and PAI, Equipment and Processes, Packaging
    and Packaging?
  • You want to grow your business?
  • Suppliers of food, the PACK AFRICA is for you!


  • It is a strategic event for your business
  • A great way to reach all businesses and food markets
  • A solid basis for developing your activities on the Maghreb, West Africa and position yourself internationally

LPN providers, demonstrate the important role you occupy in the food industry!

By exposing you get exclusive benefits!

  • Exhibit showcases your expertise through a unique concept,
  • Promote your products in all decision-makers who visit the fair: users, buyers, decision makers, maintenance managers and all the heart factory occupations.
  • Move to new markets and internationally,
  • Enjoy generators business contacts to differentiate yourself against the competition.
  • Showing your creativity by participating in Innovation Awards!

The PACK AFRICA a single appointment for the first manufacturing sector in Morocco

Tremendous potential in a country with a strong agricultural tradition, the modernization and growth of the sector… this is all assets that offer
business prospects and development for LPN suppliers.

In ten years, the Moroccan food production jumped 63% in value
(source L’Usine Nouvelle).

Companies need to increase their activity and ensure their sustainability, to put in place the

necessary tools related to improving performance while optimizing costs.

In Casablanca, the PACK AFRICA plays an important role in relations between suppliers and food manufacturers: it is a well-targeted nearby salon, which affects a user the customers who daily uses the equipment, machine, and can issue an informed opinion on the production tool.

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