Our strange trade visitors database has been complied and up-dated to ensure the best quality visitors to be invented to the show, Visitors’ Profile are as follows:

  • Food processors/ packers
  • Pharmaceutical processors/ packers
  • Food manufacturers, pharmaceutical manufacturers
  • Hotel & resorts
  • Food importers/ distributors/ wholesalers
  • Restaurant, cafes, pubs, clubs, fast food outlets
  • Government institutions, trade associations
  • Retail sector: supermarkets, hypermarkets, grocery stores, bakery
  • Industrial catering/ in store bakers
  • Professional in the F&B sector
  • Grain  sector Rice & Flour Mills, Feed Manufacturers, Solvent extractors, Soya processors and traders Mill operators, biscuits & bread bakeries, Warehouses, Farmers & Agriculture entrepreneurs.
  • Chemical manufacturers Paints, Inks, and detergents sector, Fertilizers & cement manufacturers.
  • Agriculture Industry Agriculture Financing Corporations, Dairy Development & related organizations, Dairy & farmers Co-operatives.

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